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By kvhvet on 18/06/2013 8:51 AM

One of the world’s largest cardiovascular health organisation has a new message for us all: Owning a dog can help protect you from heart disease.


By kvhvet on 11/06/2013 9:51 AM

Have you ever gotten up in the morning or come home from work at night to be greeted by a pile of vomited food on the floor? If your cat vomits undigested food a short time after eating, you may have a serious problem, but not necessarily.

By kvhvet on 4/06/2013 12:50 PM

In “The Secret Life of Germs,” a great article in the upcoming New York Times Magazine, the subject of microbiome is explored—the microbial species that we share our bodies with. The “gut” it seems is all the rage these days.