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Turns out that petting and talking nicely with cats isn't just a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. There's now scientific proof that this kind of behaviour also helps keep the cats healthy.

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Heatstroke in animals is a killer and can happen frighteningly fast.

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Unlike humans dogs do not cool off by sweating through their skin. The only way they can lower their body temperature is to pant, and sweat a little bit through their paws. To pant effectively, they rely on the air around them being cooler than their own temperature; this allows the heat in their moist breath to dissipate and be removed into the environment. They also rely on the environment being a little dry. The air they exhale is 41oC which is why they rapidly over heat in cars.

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The question that has puzzled scientists has always been "How do the dogs know where they are at, when they have never travelled over this terrain before?", and "How do they know which direction to go in order to get home?"

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Many Canberra dog owners ask me if the “one year equals seven” is true anymore and “how do you figure how old a cat is”?

The old “dog years” formula (one year of a dog's life is equal to seven years of human life) never really worked for any dog, based on a comparison of the general lifespan of humans and dogs. Cats age at a more predictable rate than dogs do, mostly because we don’t see the range of size and body types we do in dogs, but the 1-to-7 formula doesn't work for them either.

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How much do you really know how your pet's teeth? Here are 5 common myths about your pet's teeth explained. 

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When you bring your pet to the veterinarian, it’s natural to wonder what brings all the other cats and dogs to the waiting room. If they aren’t all there for a check up, there's a good chance at least one of the dogs will have a skin allergy or infection and that one of the kitties is suffering from a bladder infection.

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Surprise! Some sneezes go backward

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"Are you talking to me?"

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how much does your dog miss you when you're gone?

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Urinary tract disorders range from annoying to life-threatening.
Here are some symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options.